FP17 two month rule

NHS England is aware that as a consequence of delays in the management of the performer list, contractors have experienced delays in attaching existing dental performers to dental contracts. Whilst the performers are able to perform NHS dental care within England, these delays have resulted in performers being unable to transmit their claims in a timely manner. As a result claims were being discounted because they were being made outside the 62 day rule (two month) transmission window.  

In order to help mitigate a large reconciliation process at year end, the two month rule was turned off in July 2016. Initially it was thought that BSA could produce a report highlighting individual dentists  submissions, but this has since been found to not be the case. Because contractors will be unable to monitor the impact of any late claim on their performance against contract, we have decided to turn off the 62 day rule across all contracts for the financial year 2016/2017 only.