Meeting 13th September 2023




7.30 START



  1. Attendees:

Patrik Zachrisson - LDC Chairman & Treasurer

Mariana De Villiers - LDC Administrator

Amiras Chokshi - LDC Secretary

Julia Hallam-Seagrave - Head of Dental Service / Specialist in Special Care Dentistry

Francis Scriven

Bharpur Sanghera

Gawain King

Jaco Craig

Peter Mullins


  1. Apologies:

Claire Jackman

Marlise De Vos

Elinor Japp

Deepak Kumar

Avtar Pardesi

Meeraj Patel

  1. Orthodontic Update – Francis Scriven:

No significant changes or developments with regards to orthodontics.

 As Orthodontic assessment and treatment through referrals remain difficult due to patients no longer having access to NHS dentists, Orthodontic friendly practices appear to be a consideration.

There is a national pilot of ‘Dental Friendly Practices’ which is currently being run. There has been a suggestion made by a dental commissioner that this could be modified to ‘Orthodontic Friendly Practices’ where part of a participating dental practice would have funded UDAs to treat patient undergoing orthodontic treatment. This would allow completion of operative work required such as extractions and restorations, which are required to enable the orthodontic treatment to start.

Long waiting lists for patients wanting NHS treatment remain a problem. As a result the demand for private orthodontic treatment has increased.

  1. Julia Hallam- Seagrave:

The Dental Access Centre has seen a huge increase in the number of patients wanting dental treatment. Lots of patients are being turned away. It appears that the complexity of treatment required due to patients having multiple problems has increased. Patients expect to have all treatment, urgent and non-urgent undertaken and completed by the Dental Access Centre.

Regarding Special Care Dentistry, there is a high backlog to work through. The number of referrals keep on increasing.  It also appears that 75% of referrals are fit and healthy children with anxiety and that 80% of referrals come from 20% of practices.

The ICB (Integrated Care Board) are supportive of Child Friendly Dental Practices of which there is currently a pilot in Norfolk – Urgent Treatment pilot for children until end March 2024.

The practice is providing urgent treatment appointments as part of the ICB’s pilot scheme in the North Norfolk locality from September 2023. Patients will be able to contact NHS 111 who will clinically triage their need for urgent appointment and refer to a local practice if appropriate. The ICB will continue to discuss with other practices their participation in the pilot.


  1. Chairman’s/Treasurer’s Report: Patrik Zachrisson:

Treasurer’s report:

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough LDC continues to be financially stable and secure.

The LDC has made a further donation to the Benevolent Fund and will continue to support CPD events for local dentists in conjunction with the BDA (British Dental Association).

The LDC has agreed to donate to The British Dental Guild.

Chairman’s Report:

Over the summer months no changes or significant developments have been reported.

Issues in the Dental Workforce remain problematic. Recruitment is difficult resulting in lack of staff.  More people are moving into newly developed residential areas which increases the demand for dental care.

Funding and dental uplift are limited.


  1. Secretary’s Report: Amiras Chokshi:

The next meeting of the General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) will on Friday 6 October 2023.

Although the BDA has requested a contract uplift of 6.0%, it has been reported that there will be an overall contract uplift of 5.13%. The BDA demonstrated that the level of dental inflation and levels of practice costs have hugely increased.

Recruiting of dentists remains very difficult. There are talks to increase the number of dental school places in future but this will take time to produce more dentists. This remains a problem for the NHS at a time when dentists are reducing their NHS commitment or leaving the NHS altogether. There are currently no plans for reform that would encourage dentists to work for the NHS. It appears that newly qualified dentists are opting out of Foundation Training.

  1. Next LDC Meeting:

     WEDNESDAY 29th November 2023