What we do

LDCs (Local Dental Committees) were set up in 1948, and became statutory bodies under the 1977 NHS Act. This means that Area Teams (ATs) have to consult with the LDC on matters of local dental interest.

We represent any dentist in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area who holds an NHS list number with the AT. We also represent PDS practitioners, assistants and deputies, provided they have expressed a wish to be represented by the LOD and private practitioners.

Our members are here to represent the interests of dentists who fall into these categories, and are available for advice and help if problems arise in dentists' professional lives.

Why support the LDC?

Being a member of Cambs & Peterborough LDC means that your voice will be heard by the AT and other relevant organisations. It also helps to ensure a good quality of care, plus treatment accessiblity, for patients.

You can also benefit from our help and support, and from the social aspects of coming along to our meetings.