Committee members

The elected members of the committee are general dental practitioners. Committee members work on a voluntary basis. They usually attend three evening business meetings during the year and hold an Annual General Meeting in the summer.

A good LDC committee member is a wet fingered dentist who understands the realities of general dental practice and is interested in future dental service provision. Someone who is interested in representing their colleagues and doing their best to ensure that practitioners views are heard and understood by the PCTs and the rest of the profession. An individual who is willing to attend evening meetings, give up time to read documents from PCTs, DoH and BDA and prepare themselves for meetings to provide an informed and valuable contribution.

If you think we are doing a good job come and join us. If you think we not performing as we as you would like, come and show us how to improve.

If you would like to stand for election to our LDC, you will require a proposer and seconder. If you would like a nomination form please contact us.


Jaco Craig Jaco Craig
(Chairman) 01480 213999
or 07809 674847
Bharpur Sanghera Bharpur Sanghera
(LDC Secretary) 01733 562436
Patrik Zachrisson Patrik Zachrisson
(Treasurer) 0844 5769603
Mariana De Villiers Mariana De Villiers
(LDC Administrator) 01733 231478

Co opted

Maria Ross-Russell Maria Ross-Russell (Dental Clinical Director/Business Manager) 01223 723093
or 07951 034964
Claire Jackman Claire Jackman 01223 811844


Peter Mullins Peter Mullins 01223 358884
Marlise de Vos Marlise de Vos 01223 248202


Gawain King Gawain King 01480 213999
Jaco Craig Jaco Craig
(representing Huntingdon) 01480 213999
or 07809 674847


Julia Hallam-Seagrave Julia Hallam-Seagrave
(representing Peterborough) 01480 213999
Bharpur Sanghera Bharpur Sanghera
(representing Peterborough) 01733 562436
Diane Siddle Amiras Chokshi
(Representing Peterborough) 01354 650013